Corporate Sponsored Programs

Your employees connect with the public in ways that influence your business’ reputation. Are they giving the right kind of impression…the one you want them to give? Healthy, happy employees project the kind of image you want for your company! By using hypnosis, you can facilitate important changes and improvements for your company’s bottom line, quickly and effectively:

  • Reduce loss time
  • Motivate employees to improve their physical and emotional health
  • Change negative thoughts and unwanted habits
  • Rapid, effective, long-lasting results
  • Save money in health and facility insurance costs
  • Increase productivity, creativity and sales
  • Decreases turnover rates by relieving burn out / stress
  • Programs can be delivered in your facility!

Please take a few minutes to watch the educational and informative power point presentation delineating several of our most popular corporate program requests. If you are looking for something a bit different for your group, please contact us and we’ll work together to build the program your company needs to meet its goals.


Use hypnosis to improve your career skills and financial outlook! Hypnosis for career development is one of the most under-utilized applications of this powerful tool! Here are just a few of the potential uses:

  • Sales skills (cold call reluctance, closing skills)
  • Time management/organization
  • Motivation
  • Public speaking fear
  • Presentation skills
  • Memory/remembering faces and names
  • Dealing with difficult bosses, co-workers and clients
  • Job interviews
  • Problem solving

Senior executives, sales professionals, people with highly stressful jobs, such as police officers, firemen, doctors and nurses, technical people, creative people such as advertising copywriters and artists/writers can benefit from hypnocoaching. But it is also very beneficial to those who are unemployed, executives in transition, young people looking for their first job and homemakers returning to the workforce.

  • Sales volume increased
  • Promotions earned
  • Jobs secured
  • Greater satisfaction
  • Less workplace anxiety
  • Confidence building

Sales people often seek out hypnosis for their careers. This may be because of their need for constant motivation or the fact that the improvements they gain through hypnosis usually translate into an immediate increase in income. Whatever your field, I do urge you give hypnosis a try. Fast effective results! Ask your accountant; it may even be tax deductible for you!