Conquering Insomnia

Do you struggle most nights to quiet the “chatter” that runs in your head long enough to doze off, only to find that an hour or two later you are wide awake, again, and staring at the clock in your darkened room?

Do you find yourself taking more than the standard dose of Ambien, or other relaxants, or dangerously mixing them with alcohol---willing to do just about anything to get the sleep your body so desperately needs?

Quality sleep, relaxed sleep, where your body can completely renew itself, is one of the most important aspects of achieving good physical and emotional health – yet literally millions of Americans are currently suffering from chronic sleep deprivation. Without adequate sleep you are less effective on your job, a danger driving on the roads and often stressed or anxiety-ridden in social situations.

Hypnosis is a very safe and highly successful way to “re-train” your brain to quiet the chatter and allow yourself the relaxation necessary to achieve the quality of sleep you need. A clinically trained hypnotist can help you learn how to reach that relaxed state whenever you are ready for sleep and be better able to stay asleep throughout the entire night.

Even clients suffering more than twenty years of chronic insomnia (some averaging only four hours of fitful sleep a night), have experienced great results, after just a few sessions.

Imagine the relief at being able to stop relying on drugs or alcohol and start to achieve a state where your brain responds to the trigger of your head “hitting” the pillow.

Imagine being fast asleep within fifteen minutes!

Imagine waking up, feeling completely relaxed, renewed and ready to face the day with a smile.

It IS achievable! Call me now to get started on a beautiful sleep regime!