Exploring Your Past Lives through Regression

We have all been here before. A very controversial statement, I know, for many of you. But not for me.

I had been aware of exploring Past Lives since the mid 70’s, but it wasn’t until the early 90’s that I was able to experience it for myself. Since that moment in time, no one has been able to convince me that this is something people just “make up in their minds”.

Don’t get me wrong…I, too, am a skeptic, a behavioral scientist and a life-long student of psychology. I had absolutely no reason to anticipate the overwhelming and very spiritual reaction that could happen to someone who simply opened up their mind to the possibility that this might not be their first trip around the block. That experience changed my life forever, and now I am thrilled to be a part of how others' lives can be changed by it, too.

image of person standing on long pier While many conventional therapists and even some medical doctors are participating in this powerful, healing therapy, you are probably the most familiar with the research of Dr. Brian Weiss MD, who wrote “Many Lives, Many Masters”. Dr. Weiss, a Harvard graduate and classically trained psychiatrist, was astounded when one of his patients began spontaneously telling detailed stories of her previous lives. What was of most interest to him was the result of these stories: his patient began to show signs of immediate relief from her symptoms – a huge improvement from his conventional modes of therapy! The healing benefits of going through a regression can truly be phenomenal.

My clients come to me with a variety of motivations. Some with simply an interest in seeing what may come from the experience, some “know” they have lived before, yet somehow want to prove it to themselves, others are plagued by unexplainable phobias or vivid nightmares, and still others simply show up at my door with the insatiable thirst of a Spirit Quest: “why am I here, what is my purpose in this life?” Whatever brings you to my door is OK, provided you come with an open mind.

Believe it or not, you don’t have to “believe” in reincarnation, for this to be successful, just be willing to consider the possibility. And just in case you are wondering, let me reassure you that people of ALL religions have and continue to show up at my door. In fact if you research back far enough, nearly all religions supported the belief of reincarnation—at least until men of the cloth decided that some of us weren’t bright enough or strong enough to cope with the knowledge!

I offer my clients the opportunity to thoroughly explore the entire life they have chosen, up to and including the death. If you choose to go in that direction, I will also offer you the opportunity to leave that body in spirit form – with the anticipation of possibly being able to reconnect with loved ones, already passed over, who will often come to make contact.

Often my clients will recognize a current life “loved one” during the course of their past life exploration, even though their loved one is in a different body and quite possibly playing an entirely different role in that life. Talk about an awesome realization! It is believed that we come to Earth with a supportive group of loved ones often referred to as our “Soul Tribe”. We often surround ourselves with the same souls for many lifetimes, while we assist each other in fulfilling our spiritual contracts.

It is also interesting to note, here, that many of us have lived lives of different genders and different races, which supports the spiritual theory that we return to Earth to perfect our soul, and therefore must have many and varied types of experiences and occupations.

Different people process the information that is received during a regression in very different ways. Some have been able to provide very detailed information, first and last names, spouses, children’s dates of birth or death, complete addresses and the like, while others seem to receive or are only able to process vague information, such as a century, but not the absolute year. Some can reconnect enough to get closely in touch with the emotions of their past life, while others are able to glean information by directly asking questions of their past life identity.

For most, at some point during the regression, this experience becomes a very personal one, with tears resulting from emotions, remembrances and sometimes regrets of the past life. All responses are correct and welcomed, as this may turn out to be the doorway to a more meaningful “current life” experience.

While I truly could go on and on, let me summarize here by saying that I have never had a client regret participating in this experience… the good, the bad and the ugly are all meaningful and can make a lasting and important impression on how you choose to live the rest of your current life.

Interested? Let me help you experience a gift of a lifetime for yourself or a loved one.

While I absolutely love all the work that I do to help my clients improve their lives, Past Life Regressions are my PASSION!