Hypnosis can be very helpful when it comes to working on your own personal development for better performance. There are several different areas:

Academic Performance

Do you study adequately for tests, only to “go blank” when test day arrives? Does your poor handwriting cause you to lose points on homework, reports or tests? Do you have trouble concentrating on certain subjects that you MUST pass? Do you have trouble managing your time between school, work, sports and life?

Hypnosis can help!

Creative Performance

Are you afraid of giving a speech, singing a solo, playing an instrument in public? Are you an artist or song writer who is experiencing a frustrating “block”? Are you afraid of getting up in front of the crowd to dance? Is the thought of auditioning or acting in front of an audience keeping you off the stage?

Let the power of your subconscious mind free up those creative juices for you!

Sports Performance

Some of the world’s top sports performers rely upon the use of hypnosis to improve the quality of their “game”. Schools and teams all over the country hire hypnotists to teach their teams how to achieve their best, consistently! You, too, can learn how to hypnotize yourself to do better, easily.

Check out how hypnosis can put YOU at the top of your game!


Have you always been shy, lacking the confidence or assertiveness to achieve what you wanted in your life (getting a promotion, a date, getting into the social group you wanted to be in)? Are you a perfectionist, a procrastinator, or lack the motivation to make necessary changes in your life? Are you impatient, over controlling, have trouble controlling your anger or just seem to be carrying a lot of emotional baggage from past relationships? Have you worked so hard to keep your emotions under control, that you find it hard to respond emotionally? Do you want to “clear out the clutter in your life”? Hypnosis can help you get organized!


Hypnosis for career development is one of the most under-utilized applications of this powerful tool. Here are just a few of the potential uses:

  • Sales skills (cold call reluctance, closing skills)
  • Time management/organization
  • Motivation
  • Public speaking fear
  • Presentation skills
  • Memory/remembering faces and names
  • Dealing with difficult bosses, co-workers and clients
  • Job interviews
  • Problem solving

Senior executives, sales professionals, people with highly stressful jobs, such as police officers, firemen, doctors and nurses, technical people, creative people such as advertising copywriters and artists/writers can benefit from hypnocoaching. It is also very beneficial to those who are unemployed, executives in transition, young people looking for their first job and homemakers returning to the workforce.

  • Sales volume increased
  • Promotions earned
  • Jobs secured
  • Greater satisfaction
  • Less workplace anxiety
  • Confidence building

Sales people often seek out hypnosis for their careers. This may be because of their need for constant motivation or the fact that the improvements they gain through hypnosis usually translate into an immediate increase in income.