Live A Smoke-Free Life!

You already know, intellectually, that smoking is very dangerous to your health. You have read all the frightening facts about the hundreds of poisons the tobacco companies add to each cigarette, and how those poisons affect every system in your body---yet, for some reason, you are still smoking.

So why haven't You Quit?

My willpower isn't working!

You can BE SUCCESSFUL AT SMOKING CESSATION by letting your powerful subconscious mind take you where will power hasn’t worked. Addiction has the potential to control so many areas of our lives….smoking, caffeine, sex, gambling, being on the internet, sugar, even shopping. Take a really good look at that list. What one thing describes all of those behaviors? Somebody ENJOYS doing them. When you see your life negatively affected by continuing the behavior or habit and finally “get” that it is time for you to quit, you simply have to put your mind to it. Hypnosis uses the power of your brain to defeat all obstacles in the way of you becoming a NON-smoker for the rest of your life!

I'll gain weight!

The second most common excuse for not wanting to quit smoking is that smokers fear substituting that cigarette with FOOD! What makes hypnosis so successful is that we can give you suggestions to avoid that problem, from the beginning. We plan ahead. We can help you to substitute a “bad” habit with a good one…like exercise or drinking water! You can be guided, instead, to eat better, exercise or any other positive habit that you would like to incorporate into you new lifestyle. Together you and your hypnotist can come up with the plan that you want to follow, to meet your goals and expectations.

I will be losing my "best friend."

While smoking may have been around during some very painful or stressful times in your life, believe me, smoking is NOT your friend! No one was ever born smoking a cigarette (although countless thousands of humans are now suffering the consequences of their parents smoking). Humans have no need to smoke. You WILL enjoy all aspects of your life more without being controlled by that small white paper wrapped around chemical infused tobacco that you have mistakenly regarded as a friend. This excuse for not stopping is what I refer to as “stinkin’ thinkin”! Hypnosis can help ensure that you see it that way! It’s just that simple!

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